Saturday, February 24, 2007

Open Mic Night at Falmouth

We just completed our first open mic night as a complete band in falmouth's Irish Pub (Finn McCoulls).

It went really well, and thanks to all who travelled down to see us there. Pictures are on the website of the guy who ran it "Gerry Gillard". (

May there be many more!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Half a tonne of mad hairy cow

It's official, half a tonne is taking off.

In November we performed our first set at a bonfire party in Truro. We played for approximately 45 minutes, and what a great 45 minutes they were!

We played a mixture of covers and 4 of our own songs, which all seemed to go down well. Since we were performing in a marquee, the power was all supplied from a portable generator, which decided to give up half way through our set. But little did we know that a hidden weapon was lying amoung us, waiting for such an eventuality. None other but our very own drummer James Lloyd decided to unleash what can only be described as a "monster mother-fucking power drum solo." The audience ate it up, and after 5 minutes of darkness, we emerged from the drumming extravaganza to complete the second half of our set.

A fan videotaped the second half of the gig for us, and I will attempt to put parts of this online when I get round to compressing it.


In more recent news we now have a bass guitar (fuck yes!) so all we need now is a bassist!

We are also planning on recording sometime soon, so all you bloggers can have the oppourtunity to hear half a tonne of mad hairy cow. Lucky you!

Our next gig is on December 13th in the Medical School's main building in Truro. I only hope we play as well as we did last month.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Skulls

This is my review of the movie skulls. It was suggested I link to it on my blog as it has the potential to provide inspiration on movie critics across the globe.

Peace out,


This is the aformentioned review. It was suggested by a wise old fellow that I infact post the review here instead of the link, as not all my fans will have an IMDB account. I am forever in your debt "foo".

Skulling and The Skulls
by - jimarick (Wed Jun 8 2005 17:33:43)

I think that this movie was poo. No, but seriously....

The acting was OK, but the story was uninspired. The funninest thing that I noticed was that the entire story was constructed on "pacey's" ability to Row.

From the onset, his rowing prowess was eagerly demonstrated on the waters. Throughout the tense, dramatic, visually stunning moments, that had me gripped, the proceeded to flash up "Pacey's" training on the "Old-skool" rowing machine, with stunning "out-of-focus" camera shots.

Then, just to put the icing on the already over iced, lump of icing, the end of the movie showed our hero "dawson" no sorry, the fat one, "Pacey", Skulling to freedom, from the Skulls.

For those of you unfamiliar with rowing terminology, SKULLING is the art of rowing a single, small boat, with 2 oars, by yourself.

It appears to me, that this rowing progression, is an anti-mirror to his progression through the elite SKULL group. As he left the SKULLS, he himself became a Skuller...

I mean, What the hell!

All in all, the only part I liked was the wicked guitar song..("taste" by lorna vallings)

God bless,
A Fan