Monday, December 04, 2006

Half a tonne of mad hairy cow

It's official, half a tonne is taking off.

In November we performed our first set at a bonfire party in Truro. We played for approximately 45 minutes, and what a great 45 minutes they were!

We played a mixture of covers and 4 of our own songs, which all seemed to go down well. Since we were performing in a marquee, the power was all supplied from a portable generator, which decided to give up half way through our set. But little did we know that a hidden weapon was lying amoung us, waiting for such an eventuality. None other but our very own drummer James Lloyd decided to unleash what can only be described as a "monster mother-fucking power drum solo." The audience ate it up, and after 5 minutes of darkness, we emerged from the drumming extravaganza to complete the second half of our set.

A fan videotaped the second half of the gig for us, and I will attempt to put parts of this online when I get round to compressing it.


In more recent news we now have a bass guitar (fuck yes!) so all we need now is a bassist!

We are also planning on recording sometime soon, so all you bloggers can have the oppourtunity to hear half a tonne of mad hairy cow. Lucky you!

Our next gig is on December 13th in the Medical School's main building in Truro. I only hope we play as well as we did last month.